Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kickin’ It With David - Blog Entry #9


I want to start off by saying that this week was the unluckiest week I’ve ever had to deal with. Without going into much detail I’ll tell you that a number of unlucky situations led to me feeling the way I do about this week. It was one of those weeks where nothing goes your way and everything that could have possibly gone wrong did. It’s one of those weeks that make you question everything, I found myself reflecting and questioning things I usually don’t think twice about. I felt like all this bad luck had to be a sort of pay back for something I must have done wrong sometime in my past, Karma as some of you guys might call it. It got to the point where what was happening to me was such bad luck that I just started laughing in disbelief. Often when you're in situations where you find yourself struggling in any way, you start looking for guidance or comfort in some sort of way. This is what got me through it, I’m happy to say I have a great group of family and friends who support me and help me when I’m not in the best of moods. I can’t stress enough the importance of positive people in my life. That along with Pele (my dog if you don’t already know) is what got me to stop thinking about this week and allowed me to concentrate and enjoy the time I get to be on the field.

Personal life can sometimes interfere with what happens on the field. A distraction off the field can lead to off performances on the field. That’s why I’ve always looked to have positive people in my life. I feel that’s the most important thing to have in order to be ok. And it works both ways, sometimes off days on the field may lead to off days off the field and in turn effects the things most important to you. Pele has been one of those things that have kept me real busy but very distracted. Pele has been a lot of work and I definitely don’t recommend anyone get a dog if you live a busy life. I leave the house for training and I try and make it back as soon as possible because I can’t imagine it’s fun being in a kennel for 3 or 4 hours straight. It’s a huge responsibility and pretty overwhelming to be honest but after a full week of having him it’s been a bit easier. I’m happy to say I’ve taught him a trick in the short time I've been with him. I've taught him how to “come” and “sit”! It’s not at all perfected but I think it’s progress and I’m proud of my boy. Check out the video I’m going to post with this blog entry. And like I’ve mentioned before I’ve been updating my Twitter with pictures of Pele. I’ll continue to do that so make sure to follow me and keep up to date with what I’m doing and what Pele is up to.

On the field things are looking positive. The guys seem to be closer to top shape and looking sharp. Trialists are in and out as we all hope to find the guys who can come in and contribute to the team. We’ll be having a few come in every week, from now until the beginning of the season. Finding players of good quality is crucial and necessary in order to do better than we did last year. We're all looking forward to putting together a great campaign in 2012.

In my past blog entries I've mentioned a video that @kyleporter19 and I have been working on, well it’s almost ready and I cant wait to show you guys how it came out. It’s a video simply showing us as we do what we do on a regular day. Again, follow myself and kyle for the latest, not to mention the rest of @fcedmontonnow for their updates…


@davidamonsalve and #Pele

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