Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kickin’ It With David - Blog Entry #7


As the weeks pass, the level of play in training becomes higher. I think now after a few weeks of training everyone is comfortable and used to the routine. The quality of play is very good and seeing this only helps with motivation to keep pushing and become better. So things seem to be going according to plan, the idea was to come back from our time off to develop the team and strive to be better then last year and so far, its looking good!

The new additions to the team this year so far clearly show the comitment the ownership has to raising the level of professionalism in our club. Having a goalkeeper coach whose sole purpose is to help make the keepers better, bringing back an internationally experienced coach who's familiar with the team and signing a defender who not only has European experience but also experience in the NASL is exactly what I'm reffering to when I say the club is looking good.

Along with the development of our play, the development of our relationship with the community has grown too. This week we made apperances at schools across the city, encouraging the kids to participate in drills and games. I went on two school visits myself and had a lot a fun at both, seeing the kids happy to meet us meant a lot. It reminded me of when I was in elementary school and had the Toronto Argonauts (Toronto's CFL team) come in and do the same types of activities with us. It was motivating to have a pro athlete interact with us on a personal level and that's the feeling I hope the kids left with after we went to their school. We played with them, answered their questions and signed some autographs. We encouraged them to come to our games this season, check out our website for updates and to come out and train in our camps.

I haven't mentioned it in any of my past blog entries but we've been running camps Wednesday and Thursday evenings. It's been cool so far to be honest and I actually like going to them. My group is just keepers and It's nice to see the kids respond to me the way they do, they come back every week excited and ready to learn. They've come back knowing what they learned last week and ready to add to that. These camps are a way to help develope the kids in the Edmonton area as soccer players for the future. And so far so good!

On a more personal level, I added a piece of very important furniture to where I'm staying. I never realized before because usually I'm busy in the afternoons but on Wednesday of this week I found myself at home, bored and quickly realized I don't have a TV....well I do but it's really small and not very cool when you have friends over and all you can offer them is a small 20inch screen with minimal volume. Basically it's a TV that can fit in the head rest of one of those pimped out rides on MTV Cribs. So I was on the Internet on Wednesday looking for a better one and after a few hours of searching for one I was on the phone arranging to pick up a BIG 50 inch screen TV. I'm going to pick it up today and next week I'll definitely let you all know how awesome it is.

I'm going to post a video of a question we were asked in today's school visit, check it out. And to see more pictures or videos take a look at FC Edmonton's Facebook fan page or on my Twitter account @davidandresmonsalve.



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