Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kickin’ It With David - Blog Entry #1


Hey everyone, I'm David. A goalkeeper for FC Edmonton. And the Canadian National team. I love the game of football, I love what I do and this a little something for you guys to read, I want everyone to know a little more about myself and give you guys a bit of an insight of what really happens with the team and more specifically ME.

I've been with the team for almost 3 months and since then I've been a part of wins, losses, draws and all in order to battle for a playoff spot. I even got to play the last game of the regular season against the Montreal Impact despite my late arrival to the team. Playing that game in front of 12,000 plus people is always fun and one of the reasons why I love what I do. This experience has been nothing but good so far and I have no doubt it'll only get better.

Like I was telling you, we made the playoffs. The first game had us playing an away game in Fort Lauderdale. We went on to the pitch with confidence and excitement. Unfortunately our playoff run was cut short after losing our first game. It was tough for us to swallow after feeling like we had the potential to win it all. But even though it was tough we quickly brushed it off and looked forward to the upcoming season.

We regrouped days later to discuss the vision and our plans for the near future. But like all things, a new year means many changes. This of course means some guys were let go as they didn't fit in to what the club has planned for the upcoming season. This is never a fun situation and never in my 5 years of playing professionally have I felt so attached to a group than I do to the players and staff we had this past season. Even though my time with the team has been short, I quickly got along with all the guys. I want to wish the guys who won't be with us next season the best of luck wherever this wonderful game takes them (except against us).

Now that the season's behind us, we've been given some time off to relax and prepare for next year. This for me means I get to have some fun away from football. I've already left Edmonton and very quickly got back into the fast paced life Toronto has to offer. Toronto is a beautiful city where a lot happens. I invite you to keep checking up on me through this blog, it's going to be fun. I plan on including pictures and videos along with my blog entries. I'll be talking about everything from what I do during the week to what's going on with FC Edmonton and the national team. I look forward to sharing my life with you, stick around and I promise you'll be entertained.

Also follow me on twitter for a day to day look of what I'll be up to. Now I have to go as I have to cheer on my friends and fellow teammates as they take on St.Lucia in World Cup Qualifications.

Kick it with you next time.....


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