Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kickin’ It With David - Blog Entry #8


What’s up everyone? I’m writing to you today from my living room again as I’m on the foam roller, rolling out the knots in my muscles. This week like most was an exhausting one, and I’m a bit sore. We start our week off on Monday with a TRX workout at Goodlife Fitness, it’s a workout that forces you to use every muscle in your body and it really gives your core muscles a good workout. Tuesday through Friday we train indoors (of course, it’s like -20 outside….CRAZY!!!!) for a couple hours each day, at a pretty intense level. It becomes exhausting but it’s what we love to do, so can’t complain at all. But I am glad it’s the weekend, we have it off to give us time to recuperate and just chill out and enjoy sleeping in. It also gives me time to enjoy the TV I bought last week.

If you remember I left you guys with the news of a new TV. Well now I’m coming to you this week with the fact that I feel it was well worth buying. Before getting it I wasn’t the type of person to watch much TV, but all of a sudden I find myself turning it on wether I’m sitting in front of it or not. It’s a 50 inch and besides it looking great and sounding great, it also does a good job filling up the empty space in my living room. This week there’s a few other new additions to the house. A couple of trialists are here looking to make an impression on the coaching staff and win a place on the squad for the 2012 season. I wish both of them the best as they continue to work hard and strive to become a part of the team. But the addition that I’m most excited to tell you guys about is the fact that I’m pleased to announce the arrival of Pele in Edmonton. Ye, that’s right I said PELE.

Pele is in Edmonton. He is a foot tall, 20 pounds and has a golden coat. If you haven’t already realized, I’m not talking about the great Pele of Brazil who’s played in World cups and famously ranks as one of the best footballers of all time. No, I’m talking about my two-month-old dog. He’s half golden retriever half chow and I decided I’d name him Pele. I decided to name him after the great Brazilian footballer because the name is a symbol of greatness and well I know my dog will be great! I’m hoping to train him well, raise him in a good home and make sure he’s always taken care of. I got him on Wednesday and since then I’ve done nothing but try to accommodate to the needs of a puppy. From the suggestions I got on twitter I went down to G&E pharmacy on the south side and bought him everything from food to a crate. I’ve watched YouTube videos on how to best train a dog and like I said, I asked my followers on twitter for any help or advice they might have. Today, only after 3 days of having him I’m proud to say he waited by the door for me to let him out so that he could go to the bathroom. So I’m doing well as a first time pet owner. If any of you guys have any advice or guidance you can offer please make sure to follow me on twitter and send me a message, I’m very eager to learn and obviously happy to make this run as smooth as possible, especially after having to clean up a few accidents. I will regularly be posting up pictures of Pele and updates on he’s doing so all the pet owners or non-pet owners who like animals, follow me and feel free to send me a line or tell me about your pet. Hope to hear from you guys…


@davidamonsalve and PELE

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