Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kickin’ It With David - Blog Entry #10


Last week I mentioned to you guys how important it is to have good people surrounding and supporting you in order to get through the tough situations life often throws our way. This week I’d like to tell you how right I was when I said that. Haha… this week was a much better week, I’m proud to say I have a lot of good people around me that made all the difference in keeping me focused on the positives. While going through what I was going through last week I was told that “it could be worse” and those words really got me thinking. It is so true that “it could be worse”. I along with many of you live a comfortable life, where we have friends and family and live in a society where we all live pretty much equally. This immediately got me thinking about the places soccer has given me the opportunity to see and experience and the fact that living in a community with equality and comfort isn’t always the case for a lot of people in the places I’ve been. Many people don’t have the same privileges we have. Something as simple as playing an organized, competitive sport can be difficult to be a part of. Being a pro athlete myself it upsets me to know that kids are denied the opportunity to experience something as wonderful as a competitive, organized sport due to lack of funds or equipment. I think it’s something every kid should have the opportunity to be a part of, being on a team of some sort helps shape the person you become and can positively influence someone.

This is why today I’m excited to tell you guys about the progress we’ve made with the projects I mentioned in my past entries. I’m refering to the charity I’m very eager to launch. The charity is still in it’s developmental stages but much closer to being finalized and ready to get out there. The name is now concrete and like I mentioned, it’ll be up and running soon. I hope to see it make its first contribution to the community early in the new year and keep growing as it gains experience. I know I’m not going into much detail about what the charity is about but I plan on explaining exactly the services the charity will offer in the next few entries. I feel It will be great for the people we are targeting to help out, as well as for the local soccer community as we invite them to participate and contribute as much as they possibly can.

Another project that is now complete and ready to be released is the video I’ve been mentioning lately. The video features @KylePorter19 and I going about our day as we train and speak a bit about ourselves. This project was done by a friend of ours who’s good at what he does, Jordan Oram (@jyeOram) did a great job putting together this production and we’d like to thank him for having the patience and drive while working with us. I enjoyed doing this and I hope you guys enjoy watching it, it was something that was fun and different from anything I’ve ever done or been a part of. Be sure to check it out, it’s an interesting look at what we do. It’s something we decided to do to give you guys an idea of what our life is about. Click the link below to be directed to the video and keep up to date and informed by following me on Twitter. Feel free to comment on it, send us questions or just say hi.

KICK IT WITH YOU NEXT TIME ...@davidamonsalve

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