Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kickin’ It With David - Blog Entry #13


I can't complain about how thing's have been, especially since I've been back in town.After a good session this morning, I feel good and ready to enjoy the weekend. This weekend I'll be celebrating the birthdays of @kyleporter19 and Dominic Oppong along with the rest of the guys. We'll probably go out for dinner on Saturday altogether, and find a way to get the waiters to embarrass the guys by singing them happy birthday real loud in front of everyone. Then we'll do the usual, invite some friends over to meet up at someone's place, play video games and just joke around. It'll be a good time.

Tonight is the night when things will get really interesting though. I've been invited by some of the other guys on the team to play hockey. Yeah I said HOCKEY! A sport that I tend not to be very good at. I used to play street hockey all the time when I was younger (a lot younger). In my old neighborhood in Toronto, the kids would play every sport depending on the season. Like typical Canadian kids we played street hockey in the fall and often we even competed against other neighborhoods. But this was a while ago and not on skates, not to mention I was often thrown in net because I would play with my cousins and I was usually the youngest. First I have to get used to skating again, something I haven't done in years (I can't remember the last time), then I have to get my stick handling down and then I have to finally learn how to shoot a puck and have it lift off the ice. I think I'll be going. I'll have to rent skates and find a stick to play with somehow. It'll be a good time and I'll keep you guys in the loop! I'll be bringing the video camera so if you want to laugh make sure you check the blog out next week!

KICK IT AGAIN is coming along great. We have a lot planned for the organization and I personally am very excited to see it grow and become a recognized community-focused organization. If you'd like to know more please feel free to check out where you can leave your email and receive some information from us.

KICK IT WITH YOU NEXT TIME..... @davidamonsalve

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