Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kickin’ It With David - Blog Entry #2


As you know I'm in Toronto, more specifically Brampton where my family lives now. Coming home after being away for a while is always nice and I'm enjoying every second of it. From my sister's birthday and celebrating it with my whole family and close friends to seeing my friends play with the national team.
This past Tuesday Canada played against Puerto Rico at BMO field. I don't want to talk to you guys about the result or what I thought about the game, I just want to tell you guys about the feeling I get every time I step in that stadium. It's the field where I made my professional debut, the first time I stepped onto the pitch of a sold out stadium. I get reminded of that every single time I'm there. When I see guys playing it makes me want to suit up and jump in, the crowds vibe gets me hyped up and ready to go every single time. For those of you who have been to an FC Edmonton game, remember how loud it gets and the emotion you feel when one of our guys scores. Now imagine what it's like when you multiply that by 10, it's an overwhelming sound and sight. It's an amazing feeling.

Its been a while since I was that nervous 18 year old kid making my debut against Aston Villa (of the English Premiership). Luckily since then I've experienced playing in a few stadiums with 10,000 plus spectators. Having a crowd behind you in a facility more suited for a professional environment makes a big difference. For me I'd best describe the feeling as... motivating. Having all the supporters scream the team's name with such passion and belief gives me a sense of urgency to do well and not let my team or supporters down. I'm confident in saying that this is something my teammates and I would really like to have in our home. And this is what I'm getting to, Edmonton is set to be one of the host cities for both the FIFA U20 Women's World Cup in 2014 and the full Women's World Cup in 2015. With those announcements came the expressed interest of mayor Mandel to work with FC Edmonton to build a soccer specific facility for the world cups that eventually will become our home. This obviously got me excited and eager to be a part of the whole process. I just hope you guys share my excitement and Stand United to help us get to where we can continue to be a good example of pro soccer in Canada. This I can very easily say can become a dream come true. Growing up I always thought playing professionally would take me away from Canada and now thanks to the growth of soccer, it's no longer the case.

Doing this blog is something I enjoy and im sure everyone can enjoy. Find out what's going on on a day to day basis by following me on twitter @davidamonsalve. This week will be an interesting one, as I'm working on a few projects and as I'll be starting my training soon. Feel free to send me feedback, suggestions, questions or anything at all to my twitter. I'll make sure I respond personally or answer any questions in the upcoming entry.

Kick it wit you next time.....


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