Monday, April 6, 2009

A sunday in Turku

This is just a random video of myself and Gilly driving home from the stadium being followed by Claudio...


  1. Was this video shooting right after mass and confessions? lol

    Good work on your video. City/town looks way to quiet for a party animal like you. Other than that, looks peaceful. The car looks like one of those SMART cars that bryan has. lol.

    It'll help if theres a way to subscribe automatic updates on email, that way you dont have to email everyone on facebook.

    Keep your head up bro, stay positive and motivated. Your there for a reason, and could be the beginning for better things to come.

    We all miss you.


  2. HAha ZIO!!!! too much.. davie love the page looks better now. and the video was good.. but i have to agree w zio seems to quiet for you =P lol cant wait til im roaming those streets with u causing some sort of trouble.

    ez breezy! keep posting!