Monday, April 13, 2009

Doing it myself

Well this easter weekend most of the shops and restaurants were closed including the stadium restaurant where the whole team eats lunch and dinner if they choose to. So since I couldn't go eat there Claudio and I along with Frank (friend who came ot visit me) got together and cooked some chicken with rice and french fries. To my surprise it came out real good. I know all of you are thinking that my friends must of cooked everything but I asure you I played a significant part in the cooking process :) We also made some real good pasta and sauce but I didnt take any pictures of that....Here are some Pictures of the dinner along with my breakfast.


  1. Hey Dave I always knew that you had other talents hidden just never had the need to show them. i"m very proud but not surprised because where there is a will there is a way.By the way it's lunch time here and you made me hungry.That looks delicious.MMMMMMMMM
    Tia Luz

  2. Who would have ever imagined that your mom's talent would have brushed off on you in a small way.....aha!

    Looks quite delicious.....

    I suspect my dinner invitation is in the mail ;)