Saturday, May 9, 2009

To the BEST mom a kid can ask for....

Many people refer to her as Adirana or Age or Tia but I simply refer to her as Mami! Shes one of the main reasons I've made it as far as I have and one of the reason I will continue to work towards where I want to be! Thank you for eberything, I miss you and Love you very much mom. Sorry I'm away from you on both your birthday and Mother's day yet again but I am thinking of you and I always do! HAPPY BIRTHDAY(may 4th) and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY....YOUR THE BEST!

Happy Mothers day to you too tia's! Love you both very much!:)


  1. Thank You , I love you and miss you too, but I know that what you are doing is going to pay off in the long run so keep doing what you are doing and good things will happen.
    take care
    missssssssssss you lotttttsssssssssss
    love tia Luz

  2. Thank you, sweetheart....Totally love and miss you too. Always hoping the best for you....we know you're gonna make it! with you feet on the ground! (remember?) - no need to say the rest.......
    Love you! wish you were here but very proud that you are where you are!
    Take care!
    Tia Nat