Friday, May 1, 2009

David the builder...

For a while now I've been trying to get my placed fixed up..when i first arrived the furniture was ugly, used, small and unbelievably filthy and my walls looked out dated with the wall paper that was on it! So i decided to do something about it..with permission from the land lord I stripped the wall paper and I am currently in the process of getting everything ready (stripping the walls, getting the tools and choosing the right shade of grey) so I can begin to paint! take a look at the process so far.....


  1. david i must say your blog is comming along great!! i swear its like a play by play lol ... it looks like everything is going good for you!! i see that now your mr. extreem makeover home edision hahaha!!! well last time i didnt really get 2 talk 2 you long but i hope everything is going just as amazing as it looks!!
    take care and happy birthday 2 your mom ahah i saw it on your fb! take care hun!! && God bless


    p.s: my cuzin wuld love that mcdonals posting you have ahahha we're obssessed ahhaha but it never does taste the same everywhere else your right lol

  2. david! so i fully just commented on this thing but it deleted it i was so pissed!! lol .. but anywaysss i came by 2 say that your blog is coming along great!! i see that your doing some extreem makeover home edition at your place ahaha!! cant wait 2 see how it turns out!! hope you've been good the last time we talked wasnt for very long! but i hope your doing just as amazing as i can see on your blog! and well take care && God bless!!

    p.s: you gotta show the mcdonalds posting 2 my prima ahahah we love mcyDz hahah and how does it taste over there because like you said it tastes different everywhere!! lol

    take care hun!

  3. dont disappoint louie and


  4. hahaha i must agree w bolitas.. do them pround... or else!!

  5. lore wants to know if u need a painter!?